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How important are the vision and mission of the company? Having a vision and mission is a mandatory requirement that a company must possess. Both of them can help the company to achieve the set goals. Therefore, careful thought and consideration must be given when formulating them.

Want to know more about the company’s vision and mission? The following is an overview of the full meaning, the difference between the two, and how to do it. Continue reading our article!

The Importance of Vision and Mission for the Company

Of course, without a vision and mission, the company will not be able to achieve the desired goals. Consider the following example for a better understanding.

If you want to start a business, it is actually like starting a journey. Of course, before you start the trip, you must first determine the place you want to visit. If not, it will be difficult to get anywhere.

Then, no less important than the vision, the company’s mission is also needed on the company’s journey. If a company has no mission at all, it is the same situation as for someone who already has a place they want to go. You already know where you want to go, but you don’t know what steps you need to take to get there.

It can be concluded that the company’s vision and mission are linked to getting the company to the goals it needs to achieve.

Difference Between Vision and Mission

The vision of the company is a statement that contains the ideals, values, and future that the company wants to have. Meanwhile, the mission of the company is how the company achieves the given vision. Vision and mission are related and connected. But in fact, there are also some differences that you need to know.

The first difference is a matter of the time frame between the two. Vision is a long-term view or aspiration. Meanwhile, a mission is only needed for the present.

Another difference is that vision is more permanent, which means that once set, it cannot be changed. It differs from a mission, which is flexible and can be changed according to the needs of the company.

6 Ways to Create a Vision and Mission for the Company

To create a corporate vision and mission, you must first know several steps, including:

1. Define Company Goals

The first step in creating a company’s vision and mission is to define in advance what the company’s goals are. You can determine it starting from the reasons for starting the business, the benefits you want to receive, to the scope of the business.

To make it even easier, you can answer the following questions:

  • Purpose: Why does your business need to exist?
  • Benefits: What can your business do differently?
  • Scope: what things are necessary and should not be done to achieve the goals of the business?

2. Consider Company Values

After you have established the goals for your company, the next step is to consider a set of values that the company should have. Because basically, every company must have values that can describe the image of the product that will be marketed to the public.

3. Describe How the Company Works.

A consciously created company must also be followed with the goals to be achieved. Well, the way to the next vision and mission is to explain how your company can work or operate to achieve these goals. This will also be in line with the identified company values.

4. Future-Oriented

Of course, you don’t start a business for a short time; you want to be able to run it for the long term. Therefore, you need to consider how the company’s vision and mission can continue over time. This serves as a guideline for describing the company in the future.

5. Simple and Clear

Don’t forget one thing when creating a corporate vision and mission, and that is to make sure that the message it contains can be conveyed in the best possible way. How to?

Try to use word choices that are easily understood by all members of the company as well as the general public. Also avoid using words that contain double or ambiguous meanings, as this will confuse later on.

6. Translate the Vision and Mission Into Operational Activities

The last way to create a vision and mission is to try to always translate it into all operational activities of the company. Also, add the business plan that the company creates or even share the vision and mission with the company’s target customers.

3 Examples of Company Vision and Mission

Here are some vision and mission examples of world-famous companies to give you a little idea of how to apply the above vision and mission:

1. Ikea

  • Vision: Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people.
  • Mission: To create a better everyday life for many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices that are affordable enough for as many people as possible to afford them.

This world-renowned Swedish retailer of home furnishings and office furniture opened its stores in Indonesia about 8 years ago. As a company that sells all home appliances, IKEA’s vision is “to create a better everyday life for many people”.

Then, of course, this vision is supported by their mission, which is “To provide a wide range of functional household furniture designed at very low prices that many people can afford.”

2. Google

  • Vision: To provide access to the world’s information with one click.
  • Mission: Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

This search engine company also has a very clear vision and mission. They want their company to make all information easily accessible to everyone.

3. Apple

  • Vision: We believe that we are on earth to make great products, and that doesn’t change.
  • Mission: To provide the best user experience to its customers through innovative hardware, software, and services.

Of course, many of us already know this company, or even use the device. Apple is committed to its vision and mission to provide the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.

This is an explanation of the company’s vision and mission, the differences in how to do it, and also some examples of well-known companies around the world that you can use as references.

Running a business is of course not easy either, many processes and ways need to be done. This is even more true in today’s world where we have to move to online by relying on technology as well.

Therefore, the steps to develop the business have also changed. Like creating website homepages, advertising on social media, and so on so that you can attract many customers.

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