Examples of Product Branding

If you know examples of successful product branding, you can learn a lot to grow your business. Because if you want to make a sale, you need to introduce the product to the public before product marketing.

Because new sales will run when consumers already know and are aware of your product. But knowing the product is not enough. You also need to be able to anchor the product in consumers’ minds.

So that when consumers buy, they automatically remember your product. This business process is called branding.

To help you understand more about this topic, of course, this article explains how important it is and how to give the right tips for branding your product. In addition, there are also some examples of successful product branding to try out.

3 Examples of Successful Product Branding so Far

Surely, many of you always use a certain brand when you want to buy an item, food, or anything else. You can also see how to make branding a success by looking at well-known brands that you often choose or use. You can apply this to your business!

1. Apple

For the first order, we could start with an example of Apple’s product branding, which has its iconic logo, the bitten apple. One of the most advanced companies in the world with a large number of consumers. Maybe you are a consumer of this product.

Apple has managed to brand its products because the company always prioritizes targeted strategies for different things. Start by developing a brand based on emotions and experiences, and then convey them in the form of cool design innovations.

In addition, what is always synonymous for this one brand is the use of simple visual elements, but not eliminating functionality in each of their products.

2. McDonald’s

Who of you doesn’t know branded products that have the classic “M” logo in bright colors? McDonald’s has also managed to brand its products by consistently maintaining product quality at relatively affordable prices for all consumers. But don’t forget to always innovate.

One of the innovations Mcdonald’s has made is a variety of menus that vary and alternate with certain themes, such as curry chicken rice, gochujang chicken, I believe burgers and many others.

Apart from this, another innovation that was also carried out was the advertising of Mcdonald’s, which was always considered attractive to consumers.

This is the key to the success of Mcdonald’s to become very famous among a large number of customers. You must have chosen this one brand for the above reasons, right?

3. Nike

Nike is one of the largest suppliers of footwear, apparel, and sporting goods in the world. Two things you may remember about this Nike brand are the slogan “Just Do It” and the legendary Swoosh logo.

Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” is always associated with exciting and fun physical activity, encouraging consumers to dare to do it. As proof, you can also look through the advertisements of this brand.

Apart from that, Nike does not hesitate to collaborate with several famous sports stars such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others stars as a form of branding for its product.

In the above case, Nike intends to target the athlete’s fans. Because usually, fans try to wear the same product as their idol.

The Importance of Product Branding

Branding will always be important if you want to run a business. Moreover, at this time, with the presence of social media and the convenience of the public, it is possible to get information about a particular brand product. Every day, many new brands appear.

So that the strength of the brand becomes more and more important, the goal is nothing but that a company can survive for a long time. Apart from that, there are still several reasons for the importance of product branding.

The first one is to make your company’s product more famous. Branding can be a feature that is recognized by consumers so that it stays in their minds for a long time (top of mind). In addition, branding, when balanced with good product quality, will certainly build trust for consumers.

Another reason branding is so important is that consumers can distinguish your product from competitors. This, of course, helps a lot in creating an image that matches your own brand’s identity.

Tips for Product Branding

Let’s thoroughly tip on when you want to make the most of product branding. Check out the following tips:

1. Research and Set Business Goals

The first surefire tip that needs to be done is to research to determine your business goal. Alternatively, if you are still struggling to find business goals in the initial stages, you can look at competitors’ goals. This way, you can find out who your competitors are targeting at the same time.

Take advantage of Google by conducting keyword searches that relate to the product you are selling. Then perform an in-depth analysis of each competitor that appears in the search results.

2. Define Brand Identity

Then start formulating your brand’s identity. Create an identity with the strongest possible characteristics, unique, easy to remember, and different from other brands. The brand identity itself includes many elements such as the name, the look or style of the brand, the logo, and the tagline that describes your brand’s image.

3. Choose an Effective Platform

Choosing the media you use for branding is one of the keys to success in building your business image. Make sure you use media according to the wants and needs of your target market.

4. Consistency

Of course, for your brand to last in the long run, it requires an attitude of consistency that is maintained. Consistency can be achieved by maintaining brand character, loyalty, good relationships with consumers, and various other things.

This will make your company memorable and win the hearts of consumers while keeping it in a stable position to compete with competitors’ products.

So, these are some explanations of the importance of branding, tips on product branding, and examples of product branding that have been successfully done by world-renowned companies.

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