How to Create a Pitch Deck

You need to know how to create and use a pitch deck to explain your marketing or business plan. Typically, a business owner uses a pitch deck to present their ideas to an audience, usually investors.

In this article, you will learn in detail what a pitch deck is. Using a pitch deck will make your presentation more organized and pleasing to the eye. So, what is a pitch deck and how do you create one?

What Are Pitch Decks?

A pitch deck is a presentation deck used to communicate your business idea, business plan, marketing plan, or your business in general to a large audience, usually investors. One of the most important aspects of creating an effective pitch deck is organizing it based on the audience and forum in which it will be presented.

For example, you want to find investors for a company you run. Well, you can’t create a pitch deck for every investor you want to go to. So each investor needs to have a pitch deck based on that investor or group of investors.

Investors who know the market for your company don’t need to explain it in detail. On the other hand, investors who are new to the market need to have it explained in detail and depth. In addition, pitch decks that are emailed and those that are presented in person also need to be different.

When you present the pitch deck directly, you don’t have to load many points into the presentation deck because you are there to explain it directly. On the other hand, the pitch deck that is emailed must be able to contain all the information concisely and clearly.

6 Ways to Create a Good Pitch Deck

As explained above, every audience needs a different pitch deck. However, there are at least some aspects that should always be included in the pitch deck. Here are some ways to create a good pitch deck.

1. Summary

A summary is an opening that is on the first slide or two and summarizes some of the highlights of your business (which will be explained on the next slide). So, this summary is an important part that can catch the audience’s attention and make a first impression.

The content of this summary should capture the “essence” of the presentation and include the points you want the audience to know. However, all of these points can fit into just one or two slides. Essentially, the summary needs to include all the points of the presentation, but not be overwritten.

2. Trouble

Every company needs to be able to solve consumer problems. If your company can’t solve a problem, what’s the point? Therefore, the problem to be solved must be included in the pitch deck.

In this section, you must describe the market opportunity you want to address and explain how the company or product you are offering can meet the market need. Ideally, you will provide specific case studies of how a company or product can meet market needs and how likely consumers are to purchase the product.

You must also provide a description of the current market situation; how consumers feel their needs have not been met. It should be noted that investors like markets with clear opportunities, not those that are still vague. Therefore, you need to clarify the market opportunity and show that there are profits to be made there.

3. Products

After describing the problem, you need to provide a solution. In this section, you must explain in detail the product offered to solve the problem. You must be able to explain how the product differs from existing products.

In most cases, you will find that there are competitors that already offer similar products. Therefore, you need to produce a product that is differentiated and better able to meet consumer needs than the previous product.

4. Marketing Strategy

A very good product alone will not be enough to make consumers buy it. You must have a marketing strategy that can reach consumers to let them know your product, its benefits, and why the product meets their needs to decide to buy it.

In this section, you need to explain in detail the marketing strategy that you want to carry out. You can provide some statistical data on the selected market segmentation, buying behavior, and case studies of how your product can meet consumers’ needs.

5. Team Members

Investors invest not only in the business they run but also in the team that runs the business. An ordinary business opportunity has great benefits when it is run by a team of great and experienced members.

In this section, you need to describe the people working to run the business or your team members. Highlight the background of each member of the core team, their experience, and skills that can contribute to the success of the business.

6. Finances

What investors will pay attention to are the numbers; how much capital is needed to run the business and how much profit will be made from the business. Investors want to see how much profit they can make on the capital they invest. So make sure you provide detailed calculations in this section.

How to create a good pitch deck is quite simple, you just need to include the important elements as explained. If you need a marketing strategy to include in your pitch deck, just opt for a digital marketing strategy.

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