Multi Channel Marketing: Definition, Functions, and Strategies

Digital marketing brings with it many trends, methods, tools, and practices that are considered more current than traditional marketing. One example of a digital marketing practice that has been much discussed recently is multi channel marketing. Multi channel marketing is a method that you can apply to online business marketing.

To learn more about multi channel marketing, Anvil Tech will provide a range of information about multi channel marketing, from its definition, types, and functions to strategies to maximize this marketing strategy.

What is Multi Channel Marketing?

Multi channel marketing, in the practice of digital marketing, is the opposite of omnichannel marketing, which is often compared. Multi-channel marketing is a practice that allows a company to connect with its customers on multiple platforms to conduct marketing.

The platforms used in this practice can be direct platforms such as physical stores and catalogs. While indirect platforms such as social media or websites. The main goal of this practice is to drive customer engagement with your brand from multiple platforms. So, customers can find different types of information about your product or service on different platforms.

5 Types of Multi Channel Marketing

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The type of multi-channel marketing we’re talking about is the media used. Let’s just say, on any platform, the practice of multi channel marketing can be applied. Here are the types of multi-channel marketing media you need to know!

1. Physical Stores

Physical stores are one medium you can use in this practice. This is because, in general, customers want to have a shopping experience that they may not be able to get in an online store.

2. Email

Email is a medium that can connect many channels or platforms. You can use email when customers shop on specific platforms, such as sending confirmations to send offers.

3. Message or Notification

Notifications or alerts from your business application may follow if your customer does not immediately complete a transaction, even though they intend to. In addition, notifications or alerts from this business application may also include information about product price discounts and other information.

4. Social Media

Social media helps you to connect with customers, which can also be a sales platform. Apart from that, social media is also a place for many people who have the potential to become your potential buyers. For example, you can maximize social media by using Facebook advertising services and other social media platforms.

5. SMS Messaging

Even though almost everyone is now switching to messaging apps, SMS still has a part in selling and marketing a product. Use SMS services as one of your multi channel marketing mediums to connect with customers. Starting from sending confirmations to follow-ups to offers of your product.

3 Multi Channel Marketing Features

The practice of multi channel marketing itself can provide many benefits to a business. Here are the benefits you can experience by using multi-channel marketing.

1. Improving The Quality and Quantity of Sales Management

Multi channel marketing practices have a positive impact on your sales management. This is because a company prioritizes marketing on multiple platforms.

Each of these platforms also has different sales conditions. Therefore, companies optimize the quality of sales management on the platforms they use. As there are more and more platforms through which customers can transact your product, the revenue for the company is quantitatively higher.

2. Get a Competitive Advantage

The practice of multi channel marketing serves to give your business a competitive advantage. This is because multi channel marketing can highlight the gap between your strategy and competitors’ strategies. When you find a gap or gap, develop the next strategy that is not owned by competitors.

3. Attract More Customers

The purpose of developing multi channel marketing practices is to connect as many customers as possible with your business or what is commonly referred to as engagement rates. The initial goal of expanding the users of the platform to engage with businesses to purchase your products is to increase the number of customers and do branding.

This is because, in multi channel marketing practices, each platform is not aggregated into one. All existing calculations remain focused on the platform itself. So you can imagine that you have more than one platform and each platform has a large total customer. Overall, your total customer count will also increase.

3 Multi Channel Marketing Strategies

When implementing a multi channel marketing strategy, there are several strategies you can use. Here are strategies that can optimize multi-channel marketing practices for your business!

1. Develop a Business Analysis

The existence of these multi channel marketing practices will indirectly give you a lot of data about customers. Each platform certainly has different data, such as the purchase of most products on each platform or the behavior of your customers on the different platforms available. Therefore, use this data for your company’s sales and marketing analysis.

2. Understand The Customer’s Preferred Channel or Platform

If you have different sales platforms, there is naturally a platform that your customers like the most. If you know and understand your customer’s preferred platforms, you can analyze their behavior as a consumer. Apart from that, you can also understand what factors lead customers to like the platform. So that you can apply these factors to each of your platforms in the future.

3. Keep Each Channel or Platform Consistent

When you use multi channel marketing practices, there is a high chance that you will become inconsistent. What does it mean to be inconsistent?

As explained earlier in the concept of multi channel marketing, each platform has its terms. Like policies and available features. This can cause you to be inconsistent, it can be related to information, technical, or even price. So you need to make sure your management stays consistent to optimize sales.

When developing multi channel marketing, make sure you focus not only on your offline platform services but also on services on online platforms.

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