Media Promotion

The business you run can be called successful if your product or service sales increase. How does it feel to achieve it? One of the media that you can do is to use advertising features as a promotion.

In addition to the promotion activities, of course, it cannot be separated from the selection of the promotional tools used. Remember that the function of advertising media itself is a tool that supports the marketing activities of your product.

In this article, you will learn a lot about the clear definition of media promotion, its functions, and types, to determine the right promotional media for your business.

Definition of Media Promotion

When running a product or service promotion, one thing is very important to keep in mind. This is related to what type of media promotion will be used later. Advertising media itself comes in different types. However, before we go further into this topic, you should first know what advertising materials are.

The word “advertising” implies a form of communication activities in the field of marketing, which the company carries out toward potential buyers or consumers. From this understanding, media advertising is a means used to support promotional activities or recognition while offering products or services to the general public.

4 Functions of Media Promotion

The function of media promotion is basically to introduce and offer products or services to prospective customers. However, it was not limited to this. There are several functions of media promotion that you also need to know. Take a look at it below.

1. Introduction of the Product or Service

Of course, the first function of media promotion is to introduce products or services that are sold to consumers. This introduction starts from many aspects, such as quality, ease of use, benefits, price, and many others. Knowing about them can help consumers understand the product or service you are selling later.

2. Product or Service Introduction

Apart from serving as an introduction, advertising materials naturally serve as an offer and incentive for consumers to products or services. Through these offers, consumers are influenced in making purchase decisions for the products or services you offer.

3. Consumer Protection

You can also use media promotion to maintain consumer loyalty to the goods or services you sell. Of course, this must be balanced with good service to each consumer.

4. Repair Media

The function of the last media promotion is that of an improvement means. For example, if something happens that disappoints consumers, you can make further promotions by informing them that the previous product has undergone improvements that are better than the previous product.

Types of Media Promotion

Media promotion are divided into two types, namely online media promotion and offline media promotion. Below is an explanation of the two, which you can use to determine which advertising media is suitable for your business.

1. Online Media Promotion

Online media promotion are marketing media that use the existence of digital technology to maximize the reach of product or service information.

– Social Media

This type of media is very popular among many entrepreneurs in carrying out promotional activities. There are many types of media promotion used through this social media platform, both free and paid.

For paid services, the advantage is being able to reach consumers with a wide range, including these services, namely Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

– Marketplaces

Aside from being a place to sell, you can use the marketplace to conduct promotional activities. By using additional services like paid advertising to market your products.

– Email Marketing

Marketing with this type of advertising medium can achieve a more specific reach. Unlike the previously described types of media promotion, you must first collect the email addresses of all your potential customers if you want to use this type of media promotion.

2. Offline Media Promotion

Even though online media promotion are currently being used more and more, offline media promotion are not disappearing from the civilization of marketing life. This kind of media promotion is still considered an effective medium by some people who may not be too familiar with the internet.

– Brochure

Media advertising is done by distributing successfully printed paper to every potential customer. It may be that this type of advertising medium is rarely used, but in fact, it can still be very effective if it is accompanied by appealing images and the information it contains can be conveyed.

– Billboards/advertising Boards

Billboards, often called billboards, are advertising media that use large screens and are installed outdoors or in public places. Usually, billboards are installed in sufficiently high and strategic positions where many people can see them.

– Posters

This type of advertising media is also very often seen in various public places that can be easily seen by many people. Usually, posters are made of A3 size paper which is not too big. The function of the poster itself is the same as other types of advertising media, but it is more often used to advertise events or services.

Which is the Best Media Promotion for Your Business?

After talking in detail about the importance of advertising media, its functions, and its types, we come to the stage of how you can determine the best advertising media for you. Here are some ways you should consider when determining advertising media:

1. Fit The Budget

If you want to run a promotion by placing ads, you need to consider the available budget. From this budget, you can then only calculate which advertising media will be useful.

If you have a large budget, you can use advertising media such as billboards. This type of advertising media can reach a large number of consumers because the installation layout is always strategic.

However, if your budget is not so high, online advertising media such as social media can be chosen as a marketing alternative.

2. Know Market Segmentation

Next, you need to know the market segmentation of your business. Without knowing the following, it will be difficult for you to determine which advertising mediums are appropriate. For example, if your market segmentation is the Millennial generation, it will be much more effective if you use online advertising media such as social media and the like.

3. Choose The One That Fits The Creative

You can also choose which advertising medium is most effective for your business by matching it to the promotional material or message you want to convey. If your promotional material is only text, you can use promotional materials such as print media.

By using the right advertising media and matching it to the media, it will be easier to convey the message contained in the ad to your market segmentation.

This is an explanation to understand the function of advertising media and the types that you can use to carry out marketing activities.

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