Marketing Techniques With Social Media

The growing number of social media users is a great opportunity to market your business. Many businesses have successfully implemented marketing techniques with social media. Their sales have doubled after promoting their products through their social media accounts.

Product marketing on social media certainly doesn’t require just any technique. We will review several marketing techniques using social media that have proven effective in attracting many of your customers. Just check out this article and apply all the techniques to make your business more successful.

The Role of Social Media in Influencing Consumers

A report by We Is Social states that the number of active social media users reached 191 million people in January 2022. The top three most used social media are Instagram with a share of 84.8%, Facebook with 81.3%, and TikTok with 63.1%. A large number of social media users is certainly fertile ground for businesses to attract consumers.

Social media plays a big role in influencing customers’ buying decisions. The decision to buy a product or use a service arises in the minds of consumers after they see the content of a product on their social media home page. In addition, reviews and comments are a second factor that can influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Customers gain product acceptance after viewing its content. Relationships between companies and customers are built through this social network so that companies can get customers to buy their products.

11 Marketing Techniques With Social Media

Opportunities for the success of social media in influencing customers must surely be used in the best possible way. The trick, you need to know the right marketing techniques for using social media. Here are many techniques that can be used in social media marketing.

1. Build The Credibility of The Company

Of course, you need to build credibility and customer trust first. The method is not complicated, you just need to build brand awareness by creating content that describes your business identity. First, create an attractive and distinctive design on social media, and then share content that is relevant to your business or product.

2. Hold Live Shopping

This social media marketing technique is widely used. Every customer is challenged to get their target product before it is taken by someone else. While holding live shopping, you can also tell your followers stories of business trips or tips on running a business.

3. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a combination of quality content and a proper schedule for uploading content. Your business will have customers at the right time if you implement the right content marketing strategy. On the plus side, content marketing can be done organically so it doesn’t require a lot of money.

4. Use Authentic Images

Even if you are selling products as direct mail or resellers, make sure you use authentic images. Try to change the photos of the products you sell by adding a design that is unique to your brand. Any buyer will trust your product and be immediately interested in buying it after seeing an authentic image.

5. Hold a Quiz On Social Media

Quizzes are proven to increase engagement and impression on a social media account. Customers will be interested and start following your business as they get prizes when they participate in quizzes. However, make sure the quiz is relevant to the product you are selling.

6. Create a Customer Experience

Customer experience also needs to be improved to make them more interested in buying your product. When a customer asks a question or wants to buy a product, make sure you create a personalized customer experience for them. These tips are also useful to increase customer loyalty to your business.

7. Interact With Customers

This social media marketing technique is not to be missed. Try to interact with customers to make them trust your business more. If they have any questions or complaints about a product, don’t hesitate to contact you.

8. Create Valuable Content

Content created on social media must bring benefits or value in the eyes of your followers. Not only followers, but your company also benefits from sharing valuable content. Your company’s reputation can increase so that many people trust it, including influencers and even mass media.

9. Share Your Knowledge About Your Product

Product knowledge or insights are also an interesting topic for your followers. They can learn the benefits, how to use the product and even the manufacturing process of the product. There are many interesting ways to share knowledge about your product, one of them being creating video tutorials.

10. Choose Relevant Social Media Platforms

You should focus on doing a little social media, but make the most of it. You won’t waste a lot of time, money, and effort on social media that has less potential to attract leads or potential customers. For example, you can easily use Instagram and TikTok to promote apparel products with target audiences such as youth ages 18 to 30.

11. Maximize Social Media By Placing Ads

Even if the amount of social media you use is small, you should make the most of it. The trick, you don’t just manage social media organically, you also use Facebook Ads. The secret to the success of advertising on social media is interesting content and the right target audience.

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