Livestream Marketing: Importance, Advantages, Promotion

We can now utilize social media as a tool for Livestream marketing. Live-Streaming and Echtzeit-Videos.

Based on research, around 82% of audiences prefer to watch live streaming compared to regular uploads or posts. Even around 64% of viewers will tend to make purchases of goods sold during live streaming. Therefore, Livestream is considered capable of optimizing business marketing strategies.

Livestream Marketing Tips

When doing Live-Streaming, you can introduce your brand and the products you sell. Also tell important information about the product, such as the meaning contained in the product or why you released the product. Indirectly, you have maintained relationships and got closer to potential customers.

You can also conduct interviews with important people related to the products you have. For example, if you have a beauty mark, then interview one of the famous influencers related to the product you have. By bringing up people who have used your products, more people will trust your brand.

Livestream can also be used as a Q&A event. You can explore this question-and-answer activity further, for example when your brand wants to launch a new product, customers can ask questions related to the product.

That way, the promotion process and product launching become easier because it can be done anywhere and anytime.

The Importance of Livestream in Digitales Marketing

Not just for fun, the live stream feature is also utilized by businesses in carrying out their marketing strategies. In addition to focusing on content, photos, text, and videos, live-streaming services are now increasingly popular.

In the past, Live-Streaming could only be done by media and certain interests, but not now. You can broadcast live by creating one social media account, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok with just a device and internet network.

Launching from the journal Consumer of Social Live Streaming Services: The Influence of Co-Experience and Effectance on Enjoyment (Brundl, etc., 2017), this live broadcast feature allows social media users to broadcast videos in real-time and encourage socialization through the same chat channel.

The journal also states that the experience gained from this feature provides enjoyment effects, both active behavior (chatting) and passive behavior (watching).

Here are the advantages of Livestream for digital marketing:

1. Closeness With The Audience

In Live-Streaming, businesses, brand owners, or Influencers, can establish closeness with the audience. This closeness can foster the audience’s trust in what they are watching via live streaming. The direct involvement of the audience is what makes the trust grow.

When trust grows and closeness begins to be established, the Influencer gets the positive steam. For example, more merchandise is sold, and engagement on social media increases.

The benefits of Live-Streaming can be utilized to improve brand image so that it can be recognized more widely and can become popular.

2. Enabling Collaboration

If the first benefit has already been obtained, Live-Streaming will also make it very easy for you to collaborate with anyone. Not only can you collaborate with fellow Influencers or public figures, but you can also collaborate with the general public.

There are services to live-stream together. This feature is quite interesting, as there is no special requirement to join the broadcast. All you need is consent from both parties.

In digital marketing, collaboration is very important to improve the image. Therefore, if you are an Influencer and want to collaborate to improve your image, then choose an Influencer who has a good image so that the audience’s trust increases.

3. In Line With The Algorithm

Algorithms are the benchmark for digital marketing players in executing their plans and strategies. Since each social media platform has a different algorithm, you must understand the direction and development of the algorithm of the social media you want to use.

Live-Streaming is one of the algorithms that can make your marketing skyrocket. Launching from the Restream page, Facebook, and Instagram Include-Platform whose algorithms “like” live broadcasts, so it will make your account visibility increase if you are diligent in doing Live-Streaming.

4. Free of Charge

Another advantage of Livestream for digital marketing, namely minimal cost, aka cost. To start a live broadcast, you don’t have to pay anything extra. Enough with a qualified device and an internet network, you can broadcast live.

During the broadcasting process, you also do not have to pay any fee. However, if you want the broadcast to be like a formal event, you need an anchor or presenter or a behind-the-scenes team, then you need to pay more for the production.

Now, this live stream feature is often used for online sales. Usually, sellers inform the latest discounts and products through live broadcasts on their social media accounts.

In addition, influencers also often host live broadcasts to welcome fans and establish closeness. The existence of live streams makes it easier for digital marketing players to accomplish their tasks.

Advantages of Livestream marketing for Businesses

Using livestream is an easy option for marketing strategies. The reason is that you can feel several benefits from this feature. Some of them are:

1. Improve Brand Awareness

With live streaming, your brand awareness can slowly improve. You will provide brand-related messages, such as product benefits, similar product choices, and others.

This message will be embedded in the minds of the audience and can increase the knowledge of many people about your brand.

2. Create Interaction With The Audience

Live streaming also creates interactions with the audience. These interactions are authentic and involve genuine engagement. This happens because nothing is edited or cut during live streaming. Live streaming is a feature that shows events or content as it is.

Apart from this, to increase the audience, the brand can also use well-known influencers. If there are well-known influencers that the audience follows, then they will most likely watch live streaming. This way, the audience can interact directly with their favorite influencers.

3. Save costs

When-brand wants to release a new product, they usually need to create a new video or content to introduce it. No, making video promotions comes with a high cost.

Of course, you need to book a studio to shoot, hire talent, and rent equipment that supports making good-quality videos. Not to mention if there is a mistake during the shooting prose, you have to re-record the video.

With the live streaming feature, you no longer have to pay for promotional activities. Enough with the Internet, you can make a new product promotion. This feature is also free and you just need to take the time to live stream.

4. Can Expand The Reach of The Audience

Have you ever noticed on social media that live-streaming recommendations are currently happening? This feature will help you expand your audience reach. Apart from this, you can also use the services of influencers.

With the help of influencers, your brand can target the right market. Moreover, the follower influencers you invite will see the live streaming.

These are the advantages of live streaming as a marketing strategy. Live streaming is a feature you can use to optimize your presence. Also, invite talented influencers who can maximize your brand’s potential.

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Promotion Through Livestream Marketing

The live-streaming trend is a promotional activity that has emerged in recent years. It is undeniable that there will be as many people who choose to access live streaming in these years.

So, it is a good idea to consider livestream as a marketing activity.

Here are several ways to use live streaming for marketing and promotional purposes, including:

1. New Product Release

Starting from the most mundane, which is the release of a new product, this can be done via live streaming at the time of release.

Compared to recorded content, live streaming can leave a warm and intimate impression as you can easily interact directly with your audience.

2. Webinars

Web seminars or better known as webinars are online seminars. This is an option for some people when they need to keep their distance due to a pandemic that won’t go away.

You can host talk shows, workshops, seminars, or discussions that include training for online webinar attendees and promote your business.

3. Interviews

Conducting interviews increases brand awareness of your product. Especially if you work with speakers who are already popular when conducting them.

One of the benefits you get from interviews conducted during live streaming is that you don’t have to worry about the recording and editing process. You just need to prepare a smooth and stable internet network, a live streaming platform that will be used later, and a webcam.

4. Q&A

Live streaming capability is not limited to events or announcements. So don’t worry if there is no new product release or webinar scheduled shortly.

You can live stream for a Q&A session or what’s called a Q&A with an audience. Q&A is one of the easiest ways to increase brand awareness.

You can set up Q&A sessions for any topic. For example, regarding product development, production processes, and so on.

5. Collaborate With Influencers or Ambassadors

Live streaming with influencers or brand ambassadors is often done by business people. One reason is that influencers can reach a wider audience.

Moreover, influencers usually have good speaking skills as well, so you don’t have to worry about the message not being delivered properly.

In this increasingly advanced era, there are more and more platforms that can be used to live stream with influencers or ambassadors. And one of the most used social media platforms is Instagram. You can do a duet during Live on Instagram.

You can use the five methods above to do live streaming. Even though all you need is a smooth internet and a webcam, you also need to make sure that everything is set up properly. Before you live stream, it’s a good idea to make announcements or notifications to your followers about posts on your social media so they know when the live streaming will be done.

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