10 Steps to Make a Good Ads

Every company needs good advertising materials. Therefore, every company eventually decides to advertise. But not everyone knows how to make attractive ads. It is not easy to achieve the best creativity in creating ads. It is important to get inspired and also find examples that you can work on and modify for later use.

Currently, there are quite a few advertising mediums that you can use, such as online ads (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), banners, YouTube ads, billboards, TV ads, print media, and radio. With so many advertising mediums available, you may end up having an easier time promoting your product.

How to make the right ads? This query would possibly be on your idea as a commercial enterprise person, especially if you are beginning to increase your enterprise to a digital level. Advertising is certainly one of the fantastic methods to promote your product or brand.

Interestingly, in digital marketing, advertisements can be packaged as attractively as feasible and designed to goal with precise segments. Therefore, it is vital to create commercials that match your brand, of course, besides neglecting the persuasion factor.

So, How to make the right ads, and what traits need to be met? Check out the greater below!

How to Make Ads

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Creating excellent advertisements is not easy now, however, that does not suggest it can not be done. You can begin with your enterprise ability first, you don’t have to assume massive and difficult things. Here are the steps to create an advert that you can try:

1. Choose The Goal Audience

When writing or developing an ad, make positive that the advert is centered on a precise audience. Ads want to be effortless to be aware and snatch the audience’s attention. So, each target market has distinctive interests, so pick your segmentation.

2. Behavior Market Research

To apprehend your goal audience, it would be quality if you do a market lookup first. You want to recognize the solutions to some of the following questions: How ancient is the audience? How plenty do they earn? What are their interests? Where do they live? What social media do you use most?

3. Select Platform and Advert Format

After getting this essential data, it is time for you to take the subsequent vital step. Choose the platform and advert structure that is proper for your goal audience. For example, Facebook commercials may also be higher applicable to goal buyers forty and older.

4. Choose One: Company Attention or Product Awareness

Remember that advantageous marketing conveys a clear and correct message. You can’t encompass facts in an advert that is too dense. Typically, you may want to select a method between a manufacturer or product launches.

5. Create Memorable Messages

Advertising is a mixture of narrative, visuals, and different essential elements. You can deliver your message via the narrative or visuals of your ad. Choose a message that is effortless to take note of and no longer too complicated. For example, “Shopping? Only Tokopedia!”

6. Let Your Creativity Run Wild

In the subsequent step, decide which innovative belongings you need. For example, for social media ads, you want an eye-catching visible design. For video ads, you want a terrific recording tool.

7. Create Pleasing Visuals

Ad format must be made as appealing as possible, however no longer too much. Ads that show up on social media require desirable visuals. Especially for regular advertisements that are positioned in open areas, such as banners. You want a graph that will take hold of interest quickly. Opt for a vivid shade scheme and easy-to-read typography.

8. Add CTA (Call-to-Action)

The subsequent steps to growing an advert attain the CTA (call-to-action) or on-the-spot stage. Your advert ought to be in a position to invite or persuade clients to take a motion such as click, subscribe or even buy.

9. Install The Monitoring System

For digital advertising, it would be higher if you add a correct monitoring system. In this way, you can consider the overall performance of the advert and see its effect.

10. Analyze and Make Changes

Ads may additionally no longer attain the best outcomes properly away. However, you have the freedom to right the shortcomings of the going for walks advert and enhance the key factors of the ad. Therefore, it is essential to have a correct monitoring system.

8 Characteristics of Good Advertising

You now not solely want to recognize the steps to create an advert above, but additionally, study what form of advert customers like. Try to function yourself as a goal target audience and pay interest to some of the following traits of accurate advertising:


The predominant cause of a commercial is to promote a product or carrier and power sales.


Effective advertising and marketing need to persuade clients that a product or provider is proper for them.


In digital marketing, commercials can be tailor-made extra exactly to the target. This helps make sure that your advertisements are positive and attain your target.


Ads want to be original. Customers are always uncovered to visible media content material each day. So it would be volatile if your advert was once a reproduction of every other ad.

Be innovative

When growing your ad, you ought to let your creativity run wild. Loopy thoughts can generally lead to compelling ads.

Be constant

Good advertising and marketing ought to constantly keep the fee of a company or company. That potential takes a lot of marketing to consistently keep that value.


In digital marketing, commercials can experience greater privacy for the audience. Typically, this personalization is supported via a wide variety of technologies, such as enabling cookies and the like.


Finally, accurate advertising and marketing need to take ethics into account. You do not prefer your brand’s top identity tarnished by using unethical marketing material.

3 Examples of Amazing Ads

There are so many examples of true advertising and marketing in the world. Ad patterns and codecs used differ as well. At least there are three examples of commercials that ought to be your reference, namely:

1. The Final Recreation (Nike)

An instance of a precise commercial is the commercial for Nike, the world’s largest sports activities brand. A few years ago, Nike launched an animated video known as “The Last Game”. This video tells a fascinating story involving many of the world’s nice soccer players.

2. Unsung Hero (Thai existence insurance)

Thai advertisements are regarded for their uniqueness, which includes Unsung Hero. This advert belongs to an insurance plan company, however, it is produced like a movie. Interesting storylines, coupled with drama and comedy, make Thai classified ads stand out even more.

3. Bottled Sosro Tea

Who hasn’t heard the slogan, “Whatever the food, drink Teh Botol Sosro.” This is one of the great advertising and marketing slogans that hits the bull’s eye and receives into the minds of customers. You can be one of them.

Hence, the information to the steps to make a desirable ad. Remember, commercials can be positioned on many platforms, which include digital systems like Facebook and Google.

How to Make Attractive Ads

Back to the main problem, which is creating ads, of course, there must be several ways to achieve an interesting ad result. What are the ways? Check out the full explanation below.

Back to the main problem, namely creating ads, of course, there must be multiple ways to make an interesting ad result. What are the ways? Check out the full explanation below.

1. Try to Find a Unique Slogan

To start creating compelling ads, you must first try to find a unique tagline. If you pay attention, there are quite a few products that can be famous because they have unique slogans. Not only units but also feel relevant to the products sold. Also, use examples of attractive online business phrases to attract more traffic.

Creating a unique slogan is not an easy task. But all this can be achieved if you know how to work your creativity into a unique slogan. The most important thing is to create several slogan options so that they can be selected or combined. The result is a decent slogan that represents your product.

2. Enter Attractive Offers

When creating an ad, don’t forget to add an attractive offer if you have one. Offers like discounts, rebates, coupons, Buy 1 Get 1 and other programs can also be included in the ad media. It’s undeniable, everyone likes attractive offers. Even you included. Therefore, this can make your ad stand out.

However, attractive offers do not only exist in the form of discounts and the like but can also come from the benefits of your product. It’s just how you work it into something that can be promoted to consumers.

3. Use of Influencers/Celebrities

If you want to reach a wider market faster, you can also use the help of influencers or celebrities in your ads. Currently, there are quite a few influencers spread across various social media. One of the biggest is on Instagram.

By using their services, your ad can be much more interesting and be noticed by many people much faster. In addition, the influence of influencers can make these people buy your product.

4. Pay Attention to Design Details

Once the content is selected, the next thing is to go to the design or the upcoming video ad. Visualization is crucial in this situation, as evidenced by the use of typography, writing styles, product logos, color harmony, and other elements.

To ensure that the customer quickly recognizes the design, make sure to develop it according to the brand’s characteristics. For example, some GRAB ads have the same green color and unique font.

5. Use Persuasive Language

Customer attention can be increased by sentences or language aspects in addition to images and offers. To convince them to buy the product you are advertising, make sure you use appealing language. For this reason, it is important to use effective copywriting when creating online ads or posts.

6. Add Product References

There is not always enough supply and demand for goods. Consumers want resources that can boost their buying confidence, such as product reviews through testimonials.

Since they can’t physically see the merchandise, most consumers are often apprehensive about shopping online. Testimonials are the best way to build customer confidence in your brand and merchandise. Make sure your recommendations are sound and don’t exaggerate or state only the obvious.

7. Add Relevant Hashtags

The ability to add hashtags related to the item sold on sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook is important. This is useful when used to create online ads.

One approach to creating compelling ads is to include hashtags that can help your product reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Then, people will find it easier if you use a specific hashtag that represents the brand.

8. How to Attract Attention in the First 5 Seconds

The following suggestions for attractive ads focus on grabbing the viewer’s attention within the first five seconds. There are many types of ads, and video ads are one of them.

Usually, when creating a video ad, it is better to choose 5 seconds. According to Microsoft Corp. research, people often lose focus after 8 seconds, this is the result of the impact of a digital lifestyle.

You need to aim for successful ads that last no longer than eight seconds or until the first five seconds. This is because the audience decides at this crucial moment whether they will buy your brand or not. Therefore, make sure to use your first 5 seconds well.

9. Follow the “Rule of Seven”.

One of the suggestions to create attractive ads is to follow the rule of seven. Have you ever heard of the idea behind the Rule of Seven? According to the Rule of Seven, the majority of your target audience needs to hear or see your message at least seven times before they think about your offer.

This is because the majority of people are not immediately interested the first time they see a message in an ad.

Since the goal is to share the same message with your audience, you need to find another way, which is to use a variety of content and channels. After all, the more often your audience sees your offer, the more likely they are to accept it.

10. Use Paid Ads

Creating creative ads on social media is free, but it doesn’t guarantee that consumers will immediately find the ads you create. Well, the solution is to use paid ads or advertisements to market products or services. This can be useful to attract consumers, especially in digital marketing.

Your ad will arrive according to the desired audience and potential customers, although you have to spend more. So that your product range will be more specific and the buying potential for consumers will be even greater.

However, this method can be done if your business budget is enough for it. If not, you can use the other methods described above.

These are some ways to create attractive ads. You can use some of the above methods at the same time to create an advertising product that is high quality, attractive, and accepted by many people immediately. It should be emphasized that creating ads is not easy, but if you know how, you can get interesting ads.

Hopefully, the information provided in this article can provide you with both benefits and the latest insights. Don’t forget to comment on this article and share this article on your social media to let more people know this information.

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