how to advertise on Instagram

Of all the social media outlets in the world today, you could say that Instagram is one of the most popular. How did it happen? The main reason is that advertise on Instagram focuses on the visual side. Unlike other social media that focus on the text.

It is undeniable that more people like to see images than text. Instagram is also a great medium for online advertising. How do you advertise on Instagram?

If you open Instagram frequently, you will often see some ads. Especially ads that fit your interests. If you like culinary content, you’ll see a lot of culinary ads. Likewise for other content.

Instagram tries to create ads that are published directly to the target market. You will also feel these benefits when placing ads on Instagram.

For more details, learn how to easily advertise on Instagram here. Check out the explanation below.

Using Instagram Business

The first thing you need to do to advertise on Instagram is to use Instagram Business. There are two types of accounts on Instagram. There is a personal account and a business account. To run ads, you need to change your account to a business account.

Selecting Created Content

If you have already created a business account, you can start creating ads. All this can be found in the Settings section of your account. But it’s best to create content first. Ad content on Instagram can be in the form of posts in feeds or Instagram Stories. Then it can be in the form of photos, videos, or carousels.

Since this is for advertising, don’t take the content seriously. Think carefully that the content created can have a certain level of creativity and also good engagement. Remember, Instagram is a social media with a focus on the visual side. So think carefully about the visual side of your ad.

Select Goals and Target Audience

Once you have selected the content for your ad, you will be prompted to select goals and audience. For goals or advertising purposes, there are three items, one of which can be selected. There are profiles, websites, and storefronts.

If you select Profile, your audience can be directed to your company’s Instagram profile to see the products for sale. If you choose Website, the audience will be directed to your website if they are interested in your ad.

As with Showcase, the audience will be directed to a phone number or email address so they can contact your business right away. Which one is right for you now?

For audience selection, you will be prompted to choose either “Auto” or “Create Your Own”. If you select “Auto,” Instagram will arrange for people to receive your ad.

If you select “Create Your Own”, you will be prompted to enter the location, interests, age, and gender of the audience you want to reach. You could say that the “Create Your Own” option is better for selection.

Choosing Instagram Advertising Costs

Of course, there are Instagram advertising fees that you have to pay. Instagram gives you the freedom to choose the fees you want to choose. Starting from 10,000 per day to 10,000,000 per day. The bigger it is, the more audience coverage there will be, of course. As a beginner, you may only be able to choose 50,000 per day.

So you can easily advertise on Instagram. Hopefully, the information contained in this article can provide you with benefits as well as the latest insights. Don’t forget to comment and share this article on your social media to let more people know this information.

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