Examples of Effective Ad Texts

There are several examples of ad texts copy that you can use as a promotional tool for products or services to grow your business. If you run a business, of course, you need promotion. Both promotions are through print and digital media.

Of course, to get effective and sales-boosting promotions, you need good advertising that also attracts the attention of potential customers. But making a good ad is no easy task. There are several things to consider.

Starting from the visual side to the text. Both are equally difficult, but in this article, we will go through some examples of effective ad texts copy. You can also learn how to create compelling ad copy.

4 Examples of Ad Texts That You Can Copy

Creating ad copy cannot be underestimated. It requires creativity, a deep understanding of the ad’s intent, and also experience. Therefore, the world of advertising currently always requires quality copywriters to be able to create ads that attract potential customers.

Given the industry’s huge need to consistently advertise, the career opportunities in this field are enormous.

Maybe you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, but still don’t know how to sample good ad copy. Make it easy on yourself, below are some examples that you can understand and apply in your future work.

What are examples of effective ad texts copy? Check out the explanation of 2 examples of ad texts copy below.

1. Examples of Product Ad Texts

Of all the examples of ad texts copy on this list, you could say that the example of a product ad is the most well-known and is a must in terms of the ability to create it. There are many product ads out there. Like it or not, creativity and conveying a good message are required to achieve maximum results.

When creating product ad copy, of course, a message must be conveyed. The message usually includes what products are being sold, what benefits are being offered, and sometimes there are claims about the product. The claim in question may take the form of a statement that their product is number one in its class.

In practice, of course, it can still be individualized from this type of ad text. Not everyone has to have the same style. The length of the text also needs to be seen. Some like to use long sentences. Some want only 3-4 words.

It all depends on what you want to convey. And of course, the content of product ads varies greatly depending on what products are being offered.

Below are some text examples of popular product ads:

a. Example of a Food Ad

Sentences in food ads usually emphasize aspects of the food’s taste. However, it is not uncommon for product descriptions to emphasize additional aspects, such as how healthy the food is, the purity of the food ingredients used, how trendy the food is, or even advertising the food.

There are 5 examples of ad texts copy for food, including:

  • The Chicken Master (KFC)
  • I love it (McDonald’s)
  • Indomie My Taste (Indomie)
  • Real honey straight from the hive
  • Geprek chicken is not spicy, 100% money-back guarantee!

b. Examples of Beverage Ads

Similar to before, beverage ad copy usually focuses on the taste aspect of the beverage as well. Usually, it can also be complemented with an advertisement about how refreshing or healthy the drink is.

Below are 5 examples of advertising slogans for drinks:

  • Whatever the food, drink Botol Sosro Tea (Sosro Tea).
  • Healthy Inside Fresh Outside (You C1000)
  • Give back your ions (Pocari Sweat)
  • Real fresh, real orange pulp, so juicy! (Florida)
  • Mizone, make enthusiasm ok again (Mizone)

c. Examples of Ad Texts for Soap Products

Soap commercials are also one of the most common ads on television. Usually, soap ads emphasize how effective the soap is at cleaning, and destroying bacteria, and how good the soap smells.

Here are 4 examples of soap ad texts phrases:

  • Nuvo Family creates a healthy generation of Indonesia (Nuvo).
  • Lux gives your skin a soft, smooth, and captivating feeling (Lux).
  • Use Dettol soap to stay fit and active (Dettol)
  • It is proven that 1 capful of liquid Rinso can clean all your dirty clothes (Rinso)

d. Examples of Clothing Ads

In clothing ads, the ad copy usually focuses on how trendy and unique the clothing is. Often the focus is also on the material of the clothing, how comfortable the clothing is, the price or offer of the clothing, and even the country where the clothing is made.

Here are 3 examples of clothing ads:

  • This shirt is very comfortable, and perfect for tropical climates!
  • Imported products from Korea, beautiful clothes, cute, and the only ones in Indonesia!
  • Enjoy 45% cashback for a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000!

e. Examples of Ad Texts for Technology Products

For technology products, ads are usually written to promote how advanced the product is compared to older models or other brands. Usually, there is one of the unique and interesting features that are advertised.

Below are 5 examples of ads that feature technology products:

  • Pre-order now to get Galaxy Buds (Samsung).
  • Say hello to the future (Apple)
  • Buy OPPO Reno4 and OPPO Watch now and get various attractive promos! (Opposite)
  • You can also get an additional IDR 500,000 for your old phone to trade it in
  • Buy now and get a free power bank

f. Examples of Drug Advertising

Drug advertisement text varies widely depending on the type of drug. Usually, drug advertisements include symptoms of certain diseases and provide information on how the advertised drug can overcome them.

Below are 3 examples of phrases used in drug advertising:

  • Smart people drink tolak angin (tolak angin).
  • Aggressive body, cold? Lang Balm helps relieve symptoms of a mild illness, the right heat makes it comfortable (Lang Balm)
  • Diapet is a natural diarrhea solution for the whole family! (Diapet)

2. Examples of the Service Ad Texts

If there are product ads, of course, there are service ads. As the name suggests, this type of ad is used to promote certain services. Although there are not as many product ads, service ads are still common. Therefore, creativity and good communication skills are needed to make your service ads effective and stand out from others.

When creating ads for services, there is usually a common problem that readers may encounter. From these problems, it is then worked out how the services offered can provide the best solution.

In addition, there is of course information that needs to be conveyed to the reader. This information usually includes details about the services offered and the benefits of the service provider, and sometimes there are clear claims about the service.

Below are 4 examples of service ads:

  • Providing dynamic, beautiful, and functional services to create business websites.
  • Don’t miss any of your precious moments. X Photography is ready to help you capture every moment of your happiness.
  • Do you have an online store but are still unsure about shipping goods? Don’t worry. Courier service X is ready to help you! Stay #dirumahaja and leave everything to the experienced ones.
  • Your house is full of insects, cockroaches, and rats? Do you want to make a house free from all of them? RK Cleaning is ready to provide the best for you. Call us right now!

3. Examples of Educational Ad Texts

As the name suggests, education ads are ads that contain information or offers that relate to the world of education. You will often see this type of ad around the new school year to promote specific schools.

Even though it is an educational ad, this type of ad does not have to be from just one school or university. Ads that offer educational products can also be used by places for classes, tutoring, or tutoring, formal or non-formal, to offer their services.

Therefore, the target audience is indeed broad, not only children or young people of student age. Depending on the content, education-related ads can also be addressed to parents, professionals who want to improve their careers, professionals who want to deepen their knowledge, etc.

In terms of structure, education ads are usually somewhat similar to service ads due to the nature of the offering. However, education ads are usually more specific in their offering. Ads that offer educational products tend to be longer and more detailed than the usual ad copy for services.

Here are 2 examples of education announcements:

  • Accepting new students for the 20xx/20xx academic year. Free registration fee from X to X. Registration requirements: …
  • Improve your career and English skills with EF Adults Indonesia (EF).

4. Example of Commercial Ad Text

Besides product ad text, there is also commercial ad text. In this type of ad text, the focus is on offering a product or service with a more unique style because it is no longer a slogan. The advertisement may change in the future, although the product advertised is still the same.

In commercial advertising, there are two types of ads to choose from. The first is tactical advertising, which aims to make people pay attention to the goods and services offered. The second is strategic advertising, which aims to build a marketed brand. Usually, such ads are mostly made by advertising agencies.

If you pay attention to vendor ads like IM3 and Telkomsel, they usually use commercial ad copy. The ad can be a good example of how to build a brand while selling an existing product.

Tips for Making Examples of Interesting Ad Texts

Do you think that the ad text you created is less effective? Are you curious about how to create an ad copy that is not only attractive but also effective? Below are some simple tips for creating ad copy as promotional material for the goods or services you offer.

1. Short and Solid

According to research, someone is interested in something new for only 8 seconds. Beyond that, the person will move on and ignore it. You should keep this fact in mind when creating your ad copy. Make sure your ad copy is short so that readers get the right information right away and are immediately interested in the goods or services you sell.

2. Informative

If you are going to run an ad, the copy you write needs to be informative or meaningful to the reader. Put yourself in the prospect’s perspective. What topics or solutions to problems might interest them? Write an ad copy that is relevant and meaningful to the reader.

3. Be Unique

Imagine how many ads a person sees in a day. There must be a lot there or? Therefore, creating unique ad sentences is essential for promoting a business. Include interesting aspects or features of the product you offer in the ad copy.

Make sure that readers are interested in learning more about your product. Apart from this, you can also use a cool or funny tagline as a unique brand buzzword.

4. Use the Magic Word

When writing ad copy, feel free to use magic words to make your points stand out. Magic words are words or phrases that have a strong meaning and can grab the reader’s attention immediately.

There are many magic words that you can use in advertising, but you need to analyze them and choose the right magic words to get the most out of them. Here are 12 examples of magic words you can try:

  • Action
  • Free
  • Original
  • Simple
  • Economical
  • Exclusive
  • Bonus
  • Guarantee
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Immediately
  • Secure

5. Create Feelings

Use your ad copy as a vehicle to evoke feelings in readers. By associating certain emotions with the products you offer, readers will be more interested in buying those products.

An example of the strongest emotion to increase sales is curiosity. By making readers curious, they will be more interested in finding information about your product and even buying it directly.

Apart from that, you can also try to evoke other feelings, for example, happiness, calmness, longing, confidence, and many more. Make sure that the feeling still matches the benefits that your product offers.

Please Try to Create Interesting Ad Texts

These are some examples of effective ad texts copy. We hope that the sample ad copy provided in this article can give you the latest insights and benefits. Don’t forget to comment on this article and share this article on your social media to let more people know this information.

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