Differences Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

What comes to mind when you get questions about the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the business world? Perhaps some of you already know the difference between the two.

In the meantime, for those of you who don’t know, there’s no need to worry because, in this article, ToffeeDev will help give a clear definition and what aspects differentiate between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur.

So be sure to keep reading this article until it’s done. Alright, without further ado, let’s go straight to the assessment below!

Definition of Entrepreneur

The definition of an entrepreneur is someone whose head is full of innovation and creativity in running and developing their business. Therefore, an entrepreneur is not someone who just enjoys the results of his business or enterprise after it has been successful.

Instead, he will keep trying to dig up new ideas so that his business can adapt to the circumstances and run for a long time.

Definition of Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs are actors of intrapreneurship, namely an employee of a company who has an entrepreneurial spirit. An intrapreneur has the potential to lead and grow the company he or she works for. Therefore, an intrapreneur usually also equips himself with good problem-solving, leadership, and business management skills.

9 Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

An entrepreneur or an intrapreneur both have the entrepreneurial spirit and qualities to run a good business. But there are also differences between the two. What are these differences? You can see the following article from me!

1. Status

From this status aspect, an entrepreneur is someone who starts his own business with his ideas and concepts. Not only someone who has a soul for the business, but also has a great desire to realize all his ideas while taking risks to develop the business he is running.

Meanwhile, an intrapreneur is someone who realizes all his ideas not for his own business but for other people’s businesses. Therefore, it can be concluded that entrepreneurs have the status of a company or business owner, while an intrapreneur is an employee of a company.

2. Region and Working Hours

In addition, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs also differ in terms of the area and working hours they have. Of course, entrepreneurs are in their business environment, so they have more freedom in building a personal business. Judging by the working hours, entrepreneurs can also work until whatever time of the day.

It is different compared to intrapreneurs who have to be bound by various rules and goals of the company they work in. The working hours were also set by the company.

3. Purpose

There are also differences between the goals of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. An entrepreneur works to innovate and create something new of social and economic value. It differs from intrapreneurs who have the goal of achieving the objectives set by the company in which they work.

4. Risk

From the risk aspect, which of the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs has the greater risk opportunity? Of course, the answer is entrepreneurs. This is because an entrepreneur has to take full responsibility for all decisions, mistakes, and even the resulting success.

Compared to intrapreneurs, it has a lower risk. Why is that? Because all work actions of an intrapreneur fail once, the risk remains with the company.

5. Decision Making

As an entrepreneur or business owner, an entrepreneur has greater freedom in making all the decisions and steps that need to be taken. This is very inversely proportional to an intrapreneur who still has to weigh all his ideas and strategies for business progress with the decisions of company managers or work teams.

6. Service Orientation

An entrepreneur who is the owner of a managed business always tries to provide the best to his customers. This is different from intrapreneurs who also need to focus on providing the best service or performance for the sustainability of the company they work in.

7. Focus Attention

Even though entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have the same entrepreneurial spirit, they both have a different focus on attention. Entrepreneurs focus on increasing sales and profits and try to be more competitive to survive amidst increasingly fierce business competition.

This is, of course, very different from the intrapreneurs’ focus, which is set and directed by the company on technology development and market changes.

8. Profit

Being an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur also has several benefits. An entrepreneur benefits from all the decisions he can make based on his own will. Starting from work culture, work schedules and hours, company policies, capital management, and so on.

It is different from the benefits an intrapreneur receives, which are more about being able to use various resources or facilities provided by the company. Such as facilities that support performance, salary, and others.

9. Mistake or Failure

Although entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs both have good creative thinking skills and skilled entrepreneurial qualities, they also have the potential to make mistakes and experience failure. The difference becomes apparent when mistakes occur and how they handle them.

Entrepreneurs will immediately try to find solutions to correct mistakes that occur so as not to cause major losses. Intrapreneurs, on the other hand, initially keep mistakes as personal secrets.

Well, this is the explanation of the definition that exists between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur, and what aspects distinguish the two. Regardless of their differences, both have the desire to run a company or business to succeed.

Looking back at the current era, it turns out that we can find many business people who have also gone many ways to grow their businesses. Like creating website homepages, advertising on social media, and so on so that you can attract many customers.

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