Chatbot AI Automatic – Increase Interaction With Customers

Chatbot is a virtual robot based on AI (Artificial Intelligent), often used to assist customer communication services.

  • Automated customer chat with Chatbot AI technology
  • Maximize customer service with rapid response
  • Optimize customer service with a redirection system
  • Increase sales through chatbots only

Improve Customer Service Be More Satisfying

Quick response and the right answer are key for customers to buy your product and be satisfied with the service. Mekari Qontak’s chatbot application features help you improve customer satisfaction.

Automated Service With Chatbot AI Across All Business Channels

To make the conversation between the bot and the customer easier and not seem rigid, before using the chatbot, you need to set up the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) bot to automatically respond to all customer questions and queries.

Don’t forget to set up specific keywords and infinitely customizable business flows to guide your prospects and customers.

For a natural conversational experience, you can easily pair your chatbot with your agent through our unique human-robot design.

Set Up an Automated Chatbot AI Redirection System

A chat or conversation transfer system is needed when the customer can’t respond within the specified time limit or doesn’t respond to messages on the same day, then there is another agent to handle the conversation.

To simplify the switching system, create an intuitive chat menu for your customers to choose from. And manage high-priority questions and cases from bots to agents. You can set up routing to be either automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. Allow agents to hand off tasks to other agents when shift schedules change.

Create Triggers for Message Automation

For smooth communication with customers, several triggers can be created as triggers for message automation to be sent, such as collection automation, reminders, notifications, marketing, remarketing, and so on.

You can also automatically set birthday greetings or payment reminders without the need for manual processes.

Chatbot AI Specifically for E-commerce Sales

Increase your sales today with automated chatbots

Chatbot as a communication solution can automatically help you improve communication services between agents and customers, as well as a solution to automatically increase sales through chat only.

Easily create and upload chatbots that can be run according to business needs.

You can also upload your product catalog and sell on any channel, from WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.

Don’t forget to always customize the chatbot flow to create bots according to specific industry and business needs and leave a natural impression.

What are ChatBots?

The chatbot is a virtual robot based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is often used to support customer communication services. In addition to text, chatbots can also deliver voice messages.

Chatbots carry on conversations in a natural and easy-to-understand language through messaging apps, websites, or mobile apps.

With a chatbot, customers get the experience of having a conversation with a robot, but it’s like talking directly to a customer service administrator, starting with the language and answering questions customized to look more natural.

Also, the service has become faster in terms of answering customer questions.

What Is The Function of ChatBot AI?

Apart from being a means or tool that helps customer service to provide instant and quick communication services to customers, chatbots have various functions, such as:

1. Sending reminders and notifications to customers so that messages and notifications can be delivered in real-time.

2. Respond quickly and practically to customer complaints and questions by using multiple patterns or triggers.

3. Introduce product catalogs for customers,

4. Increasing sales through chat only
Send the ticket status and billing.

5. Collect customer feedback or some kind of satisfaction survey, which can later be used as analyzed data to determine the performance or output of the team responsible for managing chatbots and analyze the percentage of revenue increases using chat.

Why Is ChatBot AI Important for Businesses?

Here are some reasons why chatbots are important for businesses:

1. Your business is open or available 24/7.

2. Saves customer time by being available at all times to answer customer questions quickly without long wait times.

3. Improve the quality of the customer experience (customer experience), or more precisely, increase customer satisfaction with their work.

4. Increase the number of sales, as chatbots can work automatically after being hired, so sales continue even when the administrator is offline, and customers continue to get what they need, so their answers are loyal and sales continue to increase.

5. Save costs by not having to hire or recruit many customer service teams.
Supports lead generation, you can get conversions from every visitor who comes to your website.

Bots can be used to collect important data about each website visitor, such as email, phone number, product searched, preferred product, and so on.
You can use this data to support lead generation as your future business strategy.

How Do Chatbot AI Work?

Here are some of the ways chatbots work.

1. Pattern Matching
The way this chatbot works depends on trigger words, as the bot scans the keywords entered by the customer and then responds with answers that best match the selected keywords.
The drawback is that it cannot respond to keywords that are not present in the system.

2. Decision Tree Based
One of the common bot systems found in bots is that provide question options at the beginning of a conversation. Where you can only select questions that have been provided by the system.
If there are no keywords that match your requests, you will be redirected to the call center.
This chatbot working system enables faster service as it is supported by the customer service process

3. Contextual
This method uses the artificial intelligence machine learning system to allow bots to respond in natural language.
In this case, the developer needs to plan strategically and purposefully, namely to design a database large enough to cover all forms of user queries and requests.

What Are The Types of Chatbots?

4 types of chatbots are commonly used by enterprises, namely:

1. Voice-based chatbot
This type of chatbot is well-designed to automatically control and manage responses using custom patterns

2. AI ChatBot (machine learning)
This type of chatbot is powered by AI software and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, so it can be customized to its users. So, it is more sophisticated, interactive, and easier to personalize than voice-based bots.
Mekari Qontak, an application that uses this technology for the process of using its WhatsApp chatbot so that users receive messages and responses become more natural as they are based

3. Hybrid models
The hybrid chatbot model is a chatbot that combines artificial intelligence technology with linguistics to provide faster and more flexible solutions to respond to customers and improve the quality of business services for the better.

4. Model language command
As one of the chatbot models that use voice messaging as a medium to deliver messages, this chatbot is arguably a practical and flexible type as it can capture and respond to conversations via voice.

What Are The Recommendations for The Best ChatBot AI Software?

1. chatbots
Chatbot applications can help you create customer experiences that sell and help your customers at every step of the customer journey.

They can greet visitors when they come to your website, nurture potential customers by offering the right deals and product recommendations throughout their browsing experience, and convert them into sales.

There are 3 main features that ChatBot offers:
Help your customers 24/7, solve problems faster and increase team productivity.

2. mobile monkey
The mobile monkey app is a multi-channel bot app that can help you connect to multiple platforms and capture customer inquiries in one place.

Mobile Monkey’s excellent features include:
Get more leads and sales, build relationships or interactions with customers, and get more leads with a money-back guarantee.

3. octane AI
One of the bot applications used on Shopify and Facebook Messenger. The Octane AI application does not require any programming to use it, so its use is quite simple.

The features of Octane AI include:
Analytics tools, shipping notifications and order confirmations, Facebook Page campaigns, and automation workflows.

4. Botsify
As an AI chatbot provider, Botsify offers faster response rates to lead to more qualified leads and increase your customer retention rates.

Even cooler, Botsify can also help you communicate with your customers in their native language as it can speak up to 190+ languages.

Botsify’s superior features include:
Improve faster response between customers.
Improve conversion rates and enhance customer engagement
And as an engaged chatbot manager.

5. Engati
Engati is an application that provides bots for your business that is already integrated with various chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Viber, Skype or Slack, websites, and blogs.

Features that Engati has, namely:
Easily accessible cell phone with a flexible display.
Integrates more than 14 social media platforms
Broadcast and campaign automation
Analytics tools to analyze the performance or performance of the bots set.

6. morph. AI
As a bot provider platform that can be integrated into your website. The ChatBot application also allows users to automatically send announcements, notifications, advertisements, and other content to subscribers.

Morph.AI features include:
Chat flow builder
Chat AI/Intelligence
Maintenance / Notifications
Audience / CRM

7. mekari qontak
The WhatsApp chatbot application with a contextual approach powered by sophisticated and interactive artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
Moreover, you can design, edit and personalize the chatbot according to your business needs.
The main features of Mekari Qontak software chatbot include:
– Advanced chat, automation, and AI technology.
– Manage logic-based message automation
Integrate omnichannel communications instantly
– Instantly optimize team productivity
– Increase customer satisfaction with a redirection system
– Increase sales via chat today

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