Business Planning: Definition, and 9 Stage of Importance

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developing an organization cartoon or enterprise sketch can appear tedious for you, especially if you are virtually beginning an enterprise. The purpose of that is that there are infinite stages of commercial organization planning that should be met to ensure that your business corporation comes close to success. Business planning are typically prepared inside the … Read more

Customer Retention: Understanding and How to Calculate It

customer retention

To retain customers, businesses must develop strategies to maintain customer loyalty to their companies. Because retaining customers is far more effective than having to find new customers. This concept is known as customer retention or customer retention. Customer retention is very necessary to hold historical clients coming lower back to keep at your business. However, … Read more

Customer Experience – Definition, Strategy, and Use Cases

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Customer experience can be simply interpreted as an impression or customer experience received from the vendor’s service or service provider. In any transaction, customers or consumers want a good and satisfactory service. Like sellers, they also try to provide satisfactory service to gain loyal customers. So how? Take a look at the explanation below! What … Read more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Purpose, Functions, Benefits

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Every businessman surely wants his company to grow and develop properly. Therefore, it needs the right strategy to achieve it. One of them is customer relationship management (CRM). To achieve maximum results, you can use CRM wisely in the company. How to? Let’s find out! Overview of CRM or Customer Relationship Management Let’s first learn … Read more

Chatbot AI Automatic – Increase Interaction With Customers

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Chatbot is a virtual robot based on AI (Artificial Intelligent), often used to assist customer communication services. Improve Customer Service Be More Satisfying Quick response and the right answer are key for customers to buy your product and be satisfied with the service. Mekari Qontak’s chatbot application features help you improve customer satisfaction. Automated Service … Read more

Multi Channel Marketing: Definition, Functions, and Strategies

Digital marketing brings with it many trends, methods, tools, and practices that are considered more current than traditional marketing. One example of a digital marketing practice that has been much discussed recently is multi channel marketing. Multi channel marketing is a method that you can apply to online business marketing. To learn more about multi … Read more