Best Recommended VIP Family Luxury Cars

Having a luxury VIP family car is everyone’s dream. Because of this facility, it can provide many amenities. Especially in terms of its function, which makes mobility with a family feel good.

So if you want to buy a luxury car for a VIP family, you can not do it recklessly. But must pay attention to many interrelated aspects. Based on this, here is some relevant information as follows for reference:

Things to Consider When Buying

It is expected that the existence of this dream VIP family luxury car essentially complements happiness. So if you want to buy, you need to pay attention to some basic considerations that consist of:

  • Year of release: This aspect refers to the current luxury cars that are produced by manufacturers. So, the younger the year, the more perfect the existing components are likely to be. Whether from the engine or other technical components.
  • In addition, the second no less important aspect in the selection is the question of price. This becomes clear concerning the intended budget range.
  • Exterior design. As a rule, luxury cars are recognized by their stunning external appearance, which, if fulfilled, will give prestige to the family. So this cannot go unnoticed.
  • Passenger capacity: As estimated, family cars should be driven together. Therefore, it is important to choose one with relieved capacity. Especially when you consider the number of family members.
  • Rating Finally: it is also important to pay close attention to the ratings on the market. Nothing else but because it can make someone understand the pros and cons before buying. So that you do not regret it later.

Selection of Best Family Luxury Cars 2023 VIP

Having carefully considered all the basic aspects that should be considered above, now presented a set of recommendations. Namely, modern cars with elegant designs and spacious capacities suitable for beloved families, including:

1.Luxury Family Car Minivan Sienta

best car Minivan Sienta

When it comes to recommendations for the coveted 2022 Indonesian VIP family luxury car, it won’t be far from the Toyota Sienna. The reason is that as an MPV car, this Sienta has aspects that support it as a family-friendly car.

Starting from the engine used, which has superior performance with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which makes the ride feel pleasant. Not to mention the availability of passenger seats for 7 people. Of course, it’s fun to make a choice.

Especially if you highlight the price tag, this car will feel special. Since the price is around 300 million, it will give prestige to the family that owns it. So his love for it will be crazier.

2. Calya by Toyota

best car toyota new calya

The second choice for the impressive luxury car of the Indonesian VIP family is Toyota Calya. Because as a cutting-edge car with an elegant design, the price is quite safe. Namely, only 167 million, so many are targeted.

The advantage is that in addition to its family-friendly design, this car is also equipped with the latest technology. Like the power windows that are fitted to all the doors. So it offers maximum family comfort.

What is more interesting is the availability of a spacious cabin area. If you go on vacation with your beloved family, the owner can freely bring many things. This is what makes it so recommendable.

3. Nissan Production Livina

best nissan livina

Moreover, the Nissan car manufacturer has also become a talking point in the family car market with its Livina product. The reason for this is that as a product that comes to the market at 270 million, this car has an impressive performance. Thus, the buyer is guaranteed not to be haunted by a sense of disappointment.

The first power is obtained from the vehicle engine, which at ideal performance is 1.5 liters. So that even a long and exhausting ride still feels pleasant. Especially if you look at the reliability when walking on derivatives and slopes.

In addition, Livina’s appearance in terms of design is very luxurious and can give a sense of pride. Not only on the outside, but the inside also feels special. In addition, of course, equipped with a spacious cabin area.

4. Luxury Family Car Suzuki Ertiga

best family car suzuki ertiga

Nevertheless, it seems reluctant to leave its title as the world’s most recommended family car. The reason is that as a modern car, the Ertiga has superior aspects that other manufacturers do not. So that it survives as a dream car that many people love.

The first reason is that this car has a superior engine with a pretty comfortable suspension. Then, it is also equipped with various safety features to make every trip with the family safer.

It is these various considerations that make people remember Ertiga whenever they want to buy a luxury car for their family. Moreover, the price in the market itself is quite friendly and is only around 200 million.

5. Innova Kijang Manufactured by Toyota

family car new kijang innova

Talking about the VIP family luxury car in Indonesia would not be complete without mentioning the name of this one brand. The reason is that even though it has been around for a long time, it still survives as the most popular family car.

At the same time, the reasons are very diverse. Starting from the luxurious and family-friendly design, and spacious cabin to the proud price. Imagine this family car has a label of 300 million.

Interestingly, to survive in the market, Innova is also supported by various excellent features that are updated. Call it one of the useful entertainment features that make a boring trip feel more enjoyable.

6. Voxy from Toyota

best car toyota voxy

The sixth is the Voxy car from the famous Toyota manufacturer. The first sense of luxury you get from this car is when you highlight the price, which is 500 million. Of course, it brings special prestige if the family can have it.

Apart from that, if you refer to the performance on the road, it is amazing. Imagine, this car with a charming design has a reliable engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters. This, of course, provides stable performance in use.

The special feature: As a family car, Voxy has a premium interior that makes it classy and comfortable. It makes everyone want to have it soon to make their beloved family happy.

7. Luxury Family Car Honda Odyssey

best family luxury car Honda Odyssey

Last but not least, if it is selected is the Odyssey produced by Honda. Because this car worth 700 million offers comfort when driving with the family.

This comfort comes from its sporty exterior design and makes it stand out in its class. Supported by exciting interior features, so comfort and safety are guaranteed not to be questioned.

Apart from that, its existence as a family car is also supported by a spacious cabin area. So that families are no longer confused about storage when shopping. That is why its existence is one of the most popular.

These were some of the information that can be presented about the latest family luxury car VIP in 2022. Each of these cars has its advantages and prestige for those who own it. So just choose the one that suits you best by referring to the various considerations that have been explained!

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