Clever Ways to Organize a Small Laundry Room

If your space is more like a “laundry closet” or “laundry corner,” take note. These ideas will help you maximize your space to make it more streamlined and efficient

1. Make Surfaces Work Twice as Hard

Best small laundry room ideas


If you do not have enough room for an ironing board, this floor covering is heat-resistant and also could be folded and also do away with when not in use.

2. Select Shelves With Hooks & Poles

DIY Laundry room design ideas


Souped-up shelves function a lot harder compared to their sleek floating cousins. This collection has hooks (terrific for holding underwear bags as you pack them) as well as a pole that makes the teeny area in between the devices available for hanging t-shirts as you press them.

3. Install wall guard

Small laundry room ideas | Install wall guards


The top of your washing machine as well as clothes dryer is useful property. Install these guards so you can pile clean laundry high without worrying that things will certainly roll over afterward.

4. Creep in Your Racks

Best modern laundry room ideas


Shelving tends to use even more adaptable storage space compared to bulkier bookcases. And also securing shelves on the side of a laundry wardrobe (instead of bracketing them to the back wall surface), will allow you to hang the best ones possible– and claim every inch of void.

5. Collapse your baskets

Small laundry room design ideas


Don’t allow large baskets accumulate when not being used. This collapsable style indicates you can tuck it between your washer as well as clothes dryer when clothing are folded up and put away.

6. Increase (up, up!)

Best laundry room design ideas


Firstly, this could be the loveliest garage laundry room we’ve ever before seen. However it also reminds us to hang racks and also closets as high as they will certainly go– no upright area left.

7. Hide an ironing station

Creative laundry room design | Ironing station


Or if having a board is very important to you, choose this prettier all-in-one ironing terminal that can collapse unseen when your job is done.

8. Drift a Rack Over the Devices

Float over laundry room ideas


Much like a couch table can provide a much-needed place to relax your coffee, this handy step turns the top of your machines into storage– without requiring much extra room whatsoever.

9. Use your walls

Storage ideas for creative laundry room


Not only does this wall-mounted coordinator save important floor area, yet it could also fit inside a storage room if you do not have a committed laundry room.

10. Add a countertop

Small laundry room (add a countertop)


A butcher-block slab morphs the top of your devices right into usable work area. Plus, draw the cute drapes, and also your utility room is all of a sudden simply relaxing space. It’s a clever technique for holiday party season– washing machines typically aren’t precisely festive.

11. Hang Helpful Baskets

laundry room basket


No room for a shelf? These little caddies are the ideal dimension for your cleansers, as well as they can fit on even the bittiest bare wall surface.

12. Pull out your board

DIY laundry room design ideas


Listen, ironing boards are not rather. Which is why this cabinet contraption is pure wizard.

13. Attempt tilt-out Drying Shelfs

Best modern laundry room ideas


If a standalone version is out of the concern (this blog writer’s laundry room is in her restroom), line the wall surfaces with shelfs instead. Joints assist them put nicely off the beaten track when you’re done.

14. Sort as you go

Creative floor space laundry day


Admit it: You don’t have the floor room to hand sort washes on laundry day. Good idea this coordinator aids you arrange your whites from your colors as you put on products.

15. Make Best Use of Narrow Spaces

Best laundry room design ideas


Even the diagonal ceiling in her laundry room really did not stop this blog owner. She capitalized on the uncomfortable space by hanging lay-flat drying out racks that flip up when not in use.

16. Roll out your storage

roll storage for small laundry room design


As opposed to letting your over-flowing interfere with occupy beneficial flooring room, press this container in and out of your cabinet as required.

17. Squeeze an Ironing Board in the Wall Surface

Laundry room ideas | Squeeze an ironing board in the wall


Make added space amazingly appear by adding a hidden closet between wall studs. This set holds a recessed ironing board, so it can alway stow completely (and also we mean totally) off the beaten track.

18. Don’t Forget the Doorway

Drying rack design ideas


Hey, it’s still practically part of the room. This drying shelf is a nail-free service that you could remove when your tee shirts are completely dry.

19. Go between machines

DIY Small laundry room ideas


Unless you built your own home, the room in between your washing machine, dryer, cabinets, and also wall most likely isn’t really precise. Make uncomfortable spaces work better with this narrow cart.

20. Set Up a Pegbaord

Best diy laundry room design ideas


In a small laundry room, not also wall area should go to waste. This blog owner installed a pegboard that works as storage for all of her devices as well as washes baskets.

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