Entrance Bench Ideas With Storage

Popular New Entry Spaces

Benches for slipping off shoes, cubbies and cabinets for storing outerwear and striking design elements such as flame-stitch-patterned wallpaper, an urban landscape mural and log cabin siding caught our attention.

Consider Sidelights

Popular New Entry Spaces
© North Fork Builders of Montana, Inc.

An entry area behind a solid door may get little to no natural light. These large sidelights cleverly reference two-over-one double-hung windows at an appropriate scale for the space and boast the way the cabin detail on the outside continues into the house.

We saw the opposite side of this Bozeman, Montana, range in a roundup of the foremost popular exteriors.

Don’t Ignore The Ground During a Back Entry

Popular New Entry Spaces
© Divinie Custom Homes

And during this popular back entryway, a gray-and-white harlequin floor brings pattern and elegance to the mudroom.

Include a Bench

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Breeze Giannasio Interiors

The previous photo shows off how to do a more casual backdoor bench, while this one shows how to incorporate a grander version in a front entry. The benches may serve the same functional purpose, but here the bench manages to be a piece of art as well.

Look To Far-off Lands for Inspiration

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Studio Lagom

Did you recognize you’ll search by country on Houzz? Click on “Photos” at the highest of the page, then scroll down the left side of the screen to “Location” and pick your spot.

With numerous international Houzz sites, there are scads of places to look for exotic foreign inspiration. This indoor contemplative-garden entry in India made the most-popular list.

Plan Built-ins Thoughtfully

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Grove Park Contruction

At first glance these built-ins seem simple, but they are well-thought-out. There are baskets for shoes at the bottom, drawers for devices or gloves above those, cubbies big enough to sit in while putting on shoes, hooks for coats and bags, and baskets in the cubbies above for hats, umbrellas and other smaller accessories.

Hidden Trash Can

Entrace storage with trash
© Homedit.com

Turn odd architectural elements into a benefit. This jutted out corner makes a perfect stowaway spot for a hamper or even trash can – both pretty useful in a busy family’s comings and goings.

Offer a Preview of What’s to Return

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Susan Lachance Design

This Miami home features a lot of whites and neutrals enlivened by brightly colored pieces of art. The rug guests tread on right as they enter foreshadows the colours they’ll see throughout the house.

Wow With a Mural

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Наталья Широкорад

during this Russian apartment, visitors are greeted by an urban landscape as they enter, hinting at the soft industrial influence the designer used throughout the home’s remodel.

Other more practical components include shoe cabinets with a bench on top, hooks for coats and bags, a mirror and a compact laundry niche behind the black doors.

Add Kapow to Alittle Space

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Summer Thomton Design, Inc

There was minimal room to figure with during this Chicago apartment’s entry, yet it still manages to be grand. The designer went for max impact via a showstopping flame-stitch-pattern wallcovering and an 18th-century marble-topped console.

An outsized mirror makes the space feel lighter and bigger , and therefore the cobalt door signals that there’s some serious color wowing happening inside.

Wooden Built-in Storage Bench

wooden built-in storage bench

Combine an Entry, Mudroom & Pantry

Entrance bench ideas with storage
© Gilcrest Jewett Lumber Company

This mudroom off the kitchen may be a hardworking multifunctional space. The designers extended the design of cabinetry utilized in the kitchen and included extra pantry space in here.

The homeowners can are available from the car with grocery bags and place them on the counter directly for unloading. The sink can function a hand-washing station (think muddy kids), bar sink and flower-cutting area.

Entry storage ideas
© Apartmenttherapy.com

Create Function Without Construction

Entryway ideas with bench entrance halls shoe storage
© Hado Photo

The simplest thing about this setup is that you simply can roll in the hay on a decent budget without having to transform .

The shoe racks double as a bench and therefore the mirror and branch-shaped coatrack provide useful decorative touches. an easy basket can function a catchall for gloves, hats and scarves in winter.

Entryway ideas with bench entrance
© Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

Now you can just apply it in your dream home, hopefully this can help.

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