Best Nail Art Design Ideas

Best Nail Art Design Ideas

Fall is coming and many people are trying to find the best ways to spend the Fall. If you are one of those who are still looking for the best ways to do that, why do not you simply try the nail art design ideas that you can apply on your own?

That will be something nice because you can have the perfect Fall with the help from all of these nail arts options that you can apply. Here are some of them.

Denim Nail Art

This one is something nice that you can try for the Fall season. As an addition to that, it is not that hard too if you want to have this kind of nail art.

You will mostly need the white and dark navy colored nail polish. With a little bit of practice, you can be sure that combining these two colors with proper brush will give you the perfect denim style nail art.

Scarlet Theme Nail Art

Scarlet color is a bit similar with red, but it is not red. That is why this one nail art design ideas is something that you can try.

The main reason is because the scarlet color is one type of color that can easily match the overall theme of Fall. As an addition to that, you can also try some other combinations on the scarlet colored nail art such as silver and a bit of glitter. That will be fantastic.

Metallic Crescent

Some people might think that black is not a good color for Fall, but if you are one of those people who love gothic style, this might be one of the best nail art styles that you can try. That is because you just need to use the metallic black nail polish for the base.

After the first layer is dried, you just need to add a bit crescent style using the metallic white on the bottom part of your nail to get the this perfect nail art design ideas. It is not something hard to do and the result can be perfectly stunning.

Pinky Shade

For this nail art, it is recommended for you to get the matte or doff colored pink. That is because flashy pink will not suit the Fall time best.

That is why you need this kind of color scheme. As an addition to that, it is quite recommended for you to start with the red blood color for the base before you apply the soft pink color for the shade. That will be an amazing nail art for your Fall.

Matte Ivy

It is not a secret that matte is a perfect style for your fall nail art. That is why the combination of jade and skin tone nail art is one thing that will give the perfect matte ivy. This is something that you need to try since the nail art design ideas does not really require a lot of skills in brushing the nail polish. You can easily brush it based on your own brushing style.

Autumn Chevron

This nail art is another option that you can try. You just need a simple chevron shape on each of your nails. For the color combination, since it is Fall, you can easily pick any color between red and yellow.

However, you should not forget to put orange on that list because this color will be one thing that highlight the Fall theme that you want from the nail art design ideas.

Flashy Mix

This one is not that flashy actually. That is because this kind of nail art is focusing on the combination between the matte colored nail polish with the glossy one. That will be something nice to try. If you want, you can also try the combination between matte and sparkling color as the combination. That will be something outstanding for your Fall nail art.

Fall Splatter

This one is the real heart of Fall. Besides that, this one nail art is also something quite easy to do. For the start, you will only need to give the full cover of the orange colored base. You can pick either the matte or glossy finish. After that, adding some brushes of black color for the nail art design ideas will make it amazing. You need to try this idea if you want to appear attractively.

Sparkling Fall

This one is totally easy because you only need one type of nail polish color. It is the sparkling orange or the glittery orange. This kind of simple idea will surely make your Fall feels amazing. If you want to try some other additions, adding some clear sparkle on the bottom of the nails is something good enough to try.

Falling Leaves

Basically, the idea is a bit simple. You just need to paint you nail with the leaf shapes with the orange and reddish color. Unfortunately, to make the precise detail of leaves is not something easy so that you might not be able to do it alone. You will need some helps. Even though the execution is not that easy, the result of the nail art design ideas will be amazing. You can also reverse the color if you want.

French Plum

This one is quite easy to try, but the result is outstanding. You just need the proper base with light color such as glowing grey or white. For the finishing, you can easily use the dark colored brown and add two layers of it. That will leave your nails with the amazing look because from far the color is a bit light. However, from the close distance, that will be darker as if it is brownish in color.

Nails Ideas

Those are just some of the samples that you can try for the nail art to try this Fall. Therefore, if you want to have the perfect Fall this year, it is not a bad idea to try one of those nail art design ideas above. You can simply appear remarkably outstanding with one of those nail art ideas above this Fall. Do you dare to try one of those nail art idea above?