Stylish Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

Best contemporary bedroom design ideas

The sleeping space represents one’s personality. Whether he is a cheerful person or not, has a distant vision or not, and also the variety of hobbies that he has will be present and visible to his bedroom.

The bedroom can also be used as a reminder that someone always has hope and ideals. So some people make the bedroom have a unique and attractive design according to what is loved and hoped for.

Starting from the concept, the bedroom can be shaped into something more enjoyable. One is to make the bedroom wall into a variety of styles or ordinary we call it as a stylish bedroom wall. Here are some styles that we can apply into your bedroom.

1. Strategic Moldings

bedroom stylish wall
Tiffany Hanken Design

Strategic moldings are usually used in the upper walls. There are several prints that make up the corner side of your room will look more neat with a design that you can customize with your bedroom lights.

This Strategic moldings can also form a bedroom you like a three-dimensional picture with a variety of unique prints.

2. Two-tone Bedroom Design Ideas

bedroom design ideas
Egue y Seta

You can compose two colors in your bedroom. Like when you composed two colors between red and blue, white with purple.

The composition of these two colors is widely encountered and becomes one of the widely used options to beautify the color of the sleeping space.

3. Bedroom With Blackboard Paint

Bedroom design blackboard paint
Marc-Michaels Interior Design

For a creative sleeping space, you can use a blackboard with chalk. Even it can look dynamic and static. The point is that when you use a static look you can use the chalk substitute with a variety of paint white, red, and so forth with a unique design and drawings and interesting to your liking.

For a dynamic look, you can change zoom to your liking whenever you want. So you can create more flexibility whenever you want. Or also you can use that dynamic view by filling out the blackboard with some important notes or your personal vision in your daily life.

4. Simple Mural Bedroom

Simple Mural
Rebel Walls

Cheap is also the right choice in designing a sleeping space wall. Some murals can be adjusted to the craze of anyone who will fill the room. For children, they can use cartoon mural, or various shapes of animals, ships, cars, etc. Sometimes there is the content of the story that wants to be conveyed to the mural.

5. Unique Wallpaper

Bedroom remodel design ideas
Front Studio Architects

Wallpaper is now a lot we meet. There are many varieties and types that can be obtained to fill the walls in our sleeping space. With this wallpaper we do not need to create independently.

Simply by buying the wallpaper that is in the store, select the wallpaper with a unique and interesting image, then we can apply it into our room space.

6. Stickers / Decals

Bedroom wall with decal
Van Wicklen Design

Special wall Sticker can also be an option to define the design style of our bedroom room. This is now a lot of stickers that can be obtained with a variety of images that will certainly feel very unique and interesting. There are stickers that are specially loved by children, as well as a lot of adults.

7. Mica | Simple Design

Bedroom with mica design
Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

Mica’s appearance is not found yet. But this is an interesting idea if it is applied in a bedroom room. Mica is usually a picture with a unique design and interesting like batik. But with a special technique that can be applied to a bedroom wall.

8. Yard Fabric Design

Stylish ways bedroom interior design ideas
Ana Donohue Interiors

As the design on the Wallpaper, Naun style yard fabric is usually more like a garden with pictures of flowers, grass, or other uneven shapes. With the look like that your bedroom will also be impressed more unique with the images evenly on each wall.

9. Ceiling Floor Tiles

Ceiling tiles
Contour Interior Design, Inc.

The concept is like when forming the floor, but it is applied to the wall and also the upper wall of the bedroom. So it looks like a part of the ceiling is the same as the floor. It will certainly be very unique when applied into a design form of the bedroom.

10. Redeemed Timber

Reclaimed wood | Bedroom interior design

Wood textures always give a unique and interesting impression. Where you seem to feel in the middle of a natural nature. This touch will also look more elegant even can be very fancy.

11. Paneling Cottage Feel

bedroom paneling
Brett Mickan Interior Design

This concept shows regular lines on your bedroom. So you will feel more memorable like a unique bedroom like the 90 ‘s era. Surely it will be something fun for you who want to be nostalgic.

12. 3D Floor Tiles

Interior design ideas
Britto Charette – Interior Designers Miami , FL

This 3d concept is so lively used and it is very interesting to be applied into a room or bedroom. Because with an image that seems to be real we will always feel that it is very unique and interesting.

13. Photography

Bedroom photography design interior
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This concept can be used for those of you who love photography. Some parts of the bedroom you can fill with a variety of results from the photos you have taken yourself. That way, you can also showcase your best work for you to place yourself in your room.

Funky Wall Art

This concept brings out the unique impression as you can write a few words in a funky style. Usually this style uses a spray paint strategy such as Pilox or other types commonly used by young children when drawing a wall. Many people are very interested in a unique style and are very popular in this 2000-an era.

Magnify with Mirrors

A unique combination of a bedroom can also use a mirror concept. With this concept you will get a wider impression on your room or bedroom.

Vintage Art

Vintage art is very popular with certain people who do really like the pictures like the 90 ‘s era. Where there is such a very unique element in your bedroom room. You can use paint to draw your walls, or also put a wide range of frames that contain a wide variety of vintage pictures on your wall.

Fur & Gold

Elegant and luxurious impression you can get with this concept. You can give a variety of objects that have elements of fur and gold. Like the various floors you can cover with carpets, your walls are also so, as well as pillows, bolsters, and a few other objects you can fill with feathers and gold colors.

Some of these concepts you can apply to a stylish bedroom wall that is unique and interesting. So that anyone will feel at home in the bedroom and can become productive every day, because the bedroom becomes the first place an eye opening.

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