Beautiful Nail

Description: from moisturizing to polishing it, here’s the key to having beautiful nails all around.

So you think you got a cute nail? Hold on a second! There is so much to deliver before you claim thehealthy and beautiful nail, from polishing it, moisturizing it, maintaining it, and use it the correct way. Nail art design ideas, on one side, make your pickity fingers pretty.

But it takes more than that to achieve the attractive-looking fingertips. Use the following guides to help you care for your little itty-bitty pickity fingertips.

Beautiful nail: Quit Picking!

You’re not a kid anymore, so stop picking up your nails. Picking your nail does more damage to your health than it is stopping your anxiety. Besides, it’s kinda gross.

Putting the unwashed hands in your mouth can trigger illness like cold or allergies, and increase the risk of paronychia, that is, an infection of the skin around your nails. You don’t want to catch any skin inflammation because of this habit, so just stop.

Beautiful nails: Moisturizer

All parts of the nails – the plate, the folds, the bed, the cuticles, and the lunula are needed to be taken care of. Hence, applying moisturizer is a little step to keep them from becoming flimsy.

I’m sure your nail polish is on point and all, but if you don’t keep them hydrated, don’t even think about setting it forth on Instagram. Moisturizing the nails can be done using ointment, olive oil, or moisturizing cream.

Nail Tips: Wear Nail Polish

How to make your hands look prettier, you say?It’s nail polish. Now after you have everything under control, it’s time to dress the nails. Wear nail polish to flaunt your beautiful nailin a poised and confident way.

I’m saying that the different polish may convey a different message when you put them on; it can be classy, fun, professional, or colorful. I suggest you pick a theme and color to boost up your appearance.

Tips: Leave Your Cuticles Alone

I dare say that many manicure salon will cut your cuticles when trimming and polishing your nails. In fact, you should stop that. The cuticles help to protect the surrounding skin healthy and keep you from catching an infection.

The better way is using tropical solutions to clean up the cuticles instead of cutting those using scissors or teeth.
Take it easy on Polish Remover

The process of using nail remover on your skin slowly becomes a love/hate relationship. Particularly on the acetone-contained solution, it can be really harsh for the skin and cause your nails to dry out when it works best to remove polish.

The key to this step is taking it gently and not scrubbing all over the surface. You may also want to try the non-acetone remover that is less drying.

Submit Right Your Nails

The beautiful nail has some privilege to fill, which include a regular manicure and other treatments. A manicure can help to ease and cleanse the nail parts,but it’s paramount to use proper sanitization of nail tools.

When you doubt the hygiene of a nail salon, at-home treatment is a great option. Use white wine vinegar to wipe the surface, apply moisturizer before applying nail polish.

Use Your Nails Properly

If you must know, there are several bad habits that can destroy your beautiful nail. Biting, pricking your nail polish, or attacking your cuticles are among them.

There are several other, of course, like using gel polish that can weaken the bed, not cleaning your polish for weeks, or using your nails as tools.

Use and care for it properly,so you don’t have to pay for the damage afterwards. Wear gloves, use hand mask, and use cuticle oil to maintain your beautiful winter nail.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails combine liquid and powder to produce a protective layer over your natural nail, and it’s the most popular artificial nails out there.

It is highly resilient, less cracking and breaking, also comes with various shapes and designs, allowing you to choose based on the occasion.


Some easy Christmas-themed beautiful nail arts gives you positive vibes to welcome the season.

Who can resist the sensational snowflakes is achieved by polishing the nails using dark red color, paired with white and silver decoration reflecting the snowflake and a little glitter? Another option, bright blue glittery polish with an impersonation of Olaf surely gives you the winter vibe.


I dare say that any holiday nail starts with bright color. Neon pink or yellow nail polish definitely brighten up the spice.

Better still, draw the inspiration from the long squovalrainbow, or two-tone color block for an artsy gateway. The glittery gel along with nude polish sprinkled with stars for a bright finish.


Some hottest beautiful nail arts for summer season have arrived,and you’ll be stunned by the shining, shimmering, twinkling colors everywhere.

You don’t have to paint in a single color, in fact, painting each finger using vibrant hues in different design and accent with crystal, domed pearls, and holographic silver.

Long Coffin

Any long coffin nail wearer will make a statement with their presence. It’s bold and stylish with a touch of elegance at the same time. If you’re confident enough to wear coffin nails, you might as well go BIG. Try a shocking pink color paired with crystal, ombre colors with dramatic gradient or scream neon.

Glitter Nails

Amazing glitter for beautiful nails

Beautiful nail arts with glitter create an iridescent look, sparkly, and a fun way to make a statement. The simplest way to nail this look is by going neutral for ballerina shape using nude colors and white gold glitter in 2 or 3 layers in a clear base. This should be the easiest manicure to flaunt off the glam.

Wedding Pedicure

Wedding Pedicure Nails

All eyes are on you during your wedding day. Imagine walking on the aisle with your toes peeping out the shoes and all the dead cuticles are still on? Yikes! Go get some treatments done with the French pedicure or hot stone pedicure.

Polish the nails with beautiful nude pink colors and crystal embellishment or glittery gel with a beautiful gem finish.
There you have some inspiration on how to make beautiful nails on point. Keeping them healthy and pretty is one way to gather the crowds.