Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful and charming bathroom? As one of the favorite places to relax your mind, the bathroom must be made as comfortable as possible for its users. To continue to maintain the comfort of the bathroom, you have to do renovation or remodeling.

The aim is to repair and update certain parts so that the bathroom can provide comfort for its users. Remodeling the bathroom is not easily done by ordinary people. The process is long and inexpensive costs are often made of people who feel dizzy themselves.

So, no wonder that many choose to hire people who are experts to do it. But not a few homeowners who already know how the best tips and tricks for modeling bathroom, without having to hire someone from outside.

They usually understand more about the side that needs improvement, design concepts that is loved by the family, and others. Indeed, to remodel the bathroom as you wish, should be done alone. Because only you alone know the desires, and expectations of the improvement. By improving itself also will make you more savings on the budget spent, considering hiring experts is certainly not cheap.

Here are some design tips to help you before remodel your bathroom. Have a try!

1. Know What a Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom Remodel Cost
Enviable Designs Inc.

The first step in doing something is to determine the estimated cost to be incurred. Given that bathroom modeling will usually cost you a lot, of course, you have to prepare it in advance. You also need to determine the priority scale for repair or renewal. Prioritizing those who need to be replaced.

Besides, the amount of the budget will also affect the quality of the materials you use. For example, if you want to change your toilet or bathtub. Of course, you have to determine what kind of material estimates are best for the toilet or bathtub. You can survey to find the best price for these materials.

2. Don’t Make The Toilet The First Thing You See When Open The Door

best bathroom ideas
Cynthia Lynn Photography

Sometimes, some people often put the toilet near the door. The reason is to make it easier for them when they want to defecate. However, laying like that is not beautiful. The toilet is not pleasant to look at.

Maybe you will feel normal. But what about your guests later? Of course, it will feel rather annoyed, isn’t it. Therefore, do not use the toilet as the main focus of your bathroom.

You can hide the toilet behind the cupboard or others. If confused, you can ask the experts or bathroom designers for advice.

3. Consider Leaving Those Vintage Coatings

bathroom remodel ideas
Hughes Studio Architects

One of the goals to remodel the bathroom is to make it look fresher and new. Therefore, often you have to replace certain elements that seem old. For example, tile or wall surface. But this method often makes you have to pay more, too, to release at the same time replace it with a new one.

You don’t need to replace all the elements that seem old. You can create it into an elegant and charming vintage theme. Besides, vintage themes are also being trendy nowadays. Nothing wrong with try it, right?

That way, you also no longer need to buy materials at a cost that may not be cheap. You can also save your expenses.

4. Plan a Lightning Scheme

best bathroom scheme
Steven Corley Randel, Architect

Make sure your bathroom gets the best lighting. Not too dark, but not too bright either. You should be able to decorate the items in there so as not to disturb the lighting. Use the type of lamp following the conditions of the bathroom.

5. Understand Standard Bathroom Dimensions

standard bathroom dimensions
Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Measurement is important to ensure bathroom decoration. Also, it is important to know the costs to be incurred. Make sure the size of the item is following the space in your bathroom. Do not let the size of the item you buy is wrong so it cannot be placed in your bathroom.

6. Plan The Ideal Elevation For Your Sink

Bathroom sink ideas

Just like the kitchen table that has a distance from the floor, you also have to consider the height of your sink. You should use the same sink height as your kitchen counter. This will make it easier for you to wash dish or brush your teeth with your family.

7. Think About a Corner Sink

bathroom design ideas
Topnotch Design Studio

If you have a narrow bathroom, you should put a sink in the corner of the room. That way, you can maximize the area of your bathroom properly.

8. Or a Small Tub

Consider a corner sink
Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy

If your bathroom area is small, using a bathtub is not the right choice. Because it often makes the bathroom look more cramped. But now many companies are selling bathtubs with small sizes and various attractive models. You can make it as an alternative for your bathroom.

9. Pick The Best Vanity

small bathroom tube
Anat Shmariahu

Vanities has only been used in the bedroom. But now, vanities can also be used as a decoration in the bathroom. Not just decoration, vanities can be a storage room for your bath products. But you must also make sure the vanities in your bathroom are the right size. Don’t get too small or extremely big of your bathroom area.

10. Splurge on a Few High-end Materials

Pick the right vanity
Lisa Petrole Photography

Usually, the developers will spend more on small rooms such as bathrooms. They will not hesitate to buy high-end products as components. This was done to make the bathroom look glamorous and charming. That way can be a separate investment for them.

So, you no longer need to buy goods at expensive prices. Simply buy a product at a friendly price for your expenses. Consider the products that need to be purchased. Starting from the most basic to important. That way, you can also save your expenses

11. Double Check Your Tile Dimension

high quality material
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Before you buy new tiles, make sure you check the dimensions. Not just once, but do it twice. This must be done to ensure the size of the tile. That way, you can consider cement connections, purchases new tiles, design new tiles, or others properly.

12. Think About Converting Your Tub to a Shower

bathroom remodeling
BY DESIGN Builders

If you don’t have a bathtub in your bathroom, you should use a shower. Of course, you do not need to spend more money, because of the price of a shower that is cheaper than a bathtub. Also, there will be more space left in your bathroom that will not make you feel stuffy. So that, you will be more flexible when doing activities in the bathroom.

13. Install a Commode on Your Own

Bathroom Innovative Construction Inc
Innovative Construction Inc.

When purchasing a toilet, you will get an installation option at an additional cost. Surely it will be a little burdensome for your expenses later. Therefore, you should install the toilet yourself. Usually, this installation only takes one hour.

14. Have more than one way of drying out your bathroom

bathroom tips design
Alderson Construction

A humid bathroom will make mold grow more easily. Don’t let your bathroom become a den of mushrooms. You should have a window in the bathroom that serves to facilitate the entry of sunlight into the bathroom. You can also increase ventilation to reduce mold growth in the bathroom. Besides, ventilation will also made air circulation in the bathroom fresher and cleaner.

15. Focus on just how wood fulfills a floor tile floor

bathroom remodel floor
Megan Buchanan

Unlike the hallway or other room which usually uses flooring material like hardwood, the bathroom certainly has a tiled floor. This material difference will create a little difficulty when installing tiles in your bathroom. You have to make a plan beforehand to be able to adjust the material differences. That way, your floor will have an artistic and beautiful design.

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  1. Some key point here you discuss to select a contractor for renovation any home tool. these advice helps me more to take any decision. Thanks for advice me.

  2. Quite an interesting article that was. Those bathroom design ideas were just marvelous. The use of wood combined with leather does really bring about a lot of elegance to whole look and feel of the bathroom. It makes the whole bathroom space look rich and elegant.

  3. After careful decision, I’ve come up with a plan to do a bathroom remodeling this coming summer. Since there are a lot of equipment and furniture that needs to be replaced, it’s great to read your article. I’ll then follow your tip on making sure to identify the kind of material estimates best for the toilet or bathtub. I’ll then try to survey for the best price for these materials.

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